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As well as creating e-commerce websites using Magento and WordPress we are also approved experts in using Shopify as a content management system (CMS). Shopify is a fantastic system for e-commerce websites as it deals with most of the technical heavy lifting that comes with a transactional website so that you don’t have to. Shopify offers a straight forward and easy to use platform, with minimal technical knowledge needed in order to fully manage your website. We also offer a comprehensive training program to ensure that you’ll be well versed in any more technically complicated tasks.

An important aspect of any website in the modern age is to be responsive and work on all mobile devices, and nowhere is this more true than in the case of e-commerce websites. Shopify makes allows us to build your website from a mobile point of view first, so we are able to focus on building the perfect website for all users, no matter what device they’re accessing it on. Over 50% of all e-commerce purchases are now made on mobiles, so to neglect them is to potentially halve the number of conversions you can achieve.


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If you are looking for an e-commerce website to be built within Shopify, make sure that you get in contact with us at Kubix Media. Our work within the Shopify ecosystem is of such a high standard that we have been approved as Shopify experts by the company itself.

While most agencies specialise in just one type of CMS, and so prescibe it to every client they have, at Kubix we work with a range of CMS. This means that we can take the time to analyse your business, your product range, your goals and your ambitions and aid you in making an informed, unbiased decision about which system will work best for you.

Once the CMS is chosen, the work is only just beginning. Having a transactional website is just one thing; having a website that helps to sell your brand to visitors and offers a memorable and seamless user experience is another level that few other agencies can offer.

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