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If you’re considering an e-commerce website, whether it’s your first step into selling online or you’re looking to further increase your online presence, one of the most important aspects to consider is determining which content management system (CMS) would best suit your website. At Kubix Media we specialise in a range of different CMS software, one of which is Magento.

Magento, along with WordPress, is one of the most powerful open-source software platforms available. Magento is an ideal platform for e-commerce websites for many reasons. The platform is fully adaptable for any online shop due to being feature rich, flexible and professional. The huge community behind Magento makes it easy to find solutions to any issues that may arise. Best of all, it is capable of delivering an enterprise level e-commerce solution without the usual costs associated with such a system.

Magento is one of the most highly regarded e-commerce platforms in the world, with renowned companies such as Nespresso, Stussy and Samsung (along with over 50,000 other vendors) all using it to control their online stores.

 Case Study

We built the website of one of our biggest clients – Cheap TVs – using Magento. Cheap TVs operate an e-commerce business retailing LED, 4K and curved televisions, as well as fridges, cookers, washing machines and other kitchen appliances.

After conducting a comprehensive review of their business and concluding that Magento’s flexibility and level of stock management made it the ideal CMS for Cheap TVs, we set about designing a front end fascia that was not only effective at converting visitors but that reflected the business’s ethos.

The result is a high performance website which, since its launch, has gone from strength to strength, delivering an increase in SEO traffic among other key metrics.

Many agencies specialise in one single CMS. At Kubix, we’ve taken the time to develop an expertise in a variety of different e-commerce and brochure site CMS solutions in order to be able to help your business with an unbiased decision. Many other agencies specialise in one single CMS and so will try to make it fit every client; at Kubix, we believe in putting the client’s needs before all else.

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